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How to Buy Pantyhose for Men. Male pantyhose have become increasingly popular for both fashion and health. Keep reading on how to shop for and buy a pair of pantyhose for men. Understand the number of men wearing pantyhose is increasing. Error (Forbidden) Emy. Age: 26. Heyy I'm Jeanie! Separate multiple emails with a comma. Some pantyhose have single- or double-panel gussets incorporated into them. Mar 3, - Originally Answered: Can men wear pantyhose without being made fun of? Clay Babin has a point. This question has been brought up in the past and I have had conversations with men who are wearers wanting equality but without condemnation from the public eye for wearing women's hose in a way that promotes a more  Is it bad for men to wear pantyhose? Simony. Age: 22. E-mail: bara Men in tights: how chaps are reclaiming hosiery As the emerging trend of men wearing nylon support hosiery continues to grow in the U.S. and overseas, many thousands of women across the country are being faced with this dilemma: “My husband/boyfriend says these 'mantyhose' help relieve his leg pain; yet when my friends find out they'll disown me because they'll. Nonetheless, during the s, improved textile manufacturing processes made pantyhose increasingly more affordable, while man-made textiles such as spandex (or elastane) made them more comfortable and durable. The advent of the fashionable miniskirt, which exposed the legs to well above the knee, made.

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Ferrera. Age: 29. Thigh Boots Mar 14, - This may come as a shock but men secretly love ladies pantyhose. I don't understand because most women HATE pantyhose. They are hot, binding and. Feb 10, - Why shouldn't men be able to wear pantyhose. This "It's all Gay" thing is crap. Nothing gay about being comfortable and stylish. Pantyhose offer leg support if you standing or sitting for long periods, extra warmth and they can add a new look to shorts. Be a man, Stand up for you rights and put on some. It's Become A Man's Market: A true, personal story from the experience, I Like To Support Men, Wearing Pantyhose. When I was a kid growing up, it seemed like all women wore pantyhose, and that younger girls couldn't wait until they could start wearing them. Today, a pantyhose sighting is much less common. I read.


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