Orgasm good for hangover

Mar 9, - Our primal urges are pretty much on-point: Science shows getting it on has more benefits than just getting off. In a bad mood? You need to get laid. Have a terrible headache? An orgasm would solve that. Feeling bad about yourself? You need someone to f*ck you. Don't believe us? Test it out for yourselves. Hangover cure #2: the hangover-gasm - NOW Magazine Albina. Age: 22. There is a unique connection between the courtesan and her chosen friends. They rarely spend a small amount of time together . When they connect they enhance each other life. Is not a service situation as much as an affectionate human bond formed between them... Some experts even recommend women masturbate to help relieve menstrual cramps. Aug 24, - The question then becomes: Does sex have an anti-inflammatory effect? And, if so, is it enough to kill a hangover? Simone BecchettiImage by Simone Becchetti via Stocks. When we orgasm, we are flooded with hormones. One of which is oxytocin, the so-called "bonding chemical." Oxytocin helps us fell. Lana. Age: 23. My speciality is to provide clients with Girfriend Experiance, massage, kisses, cuddles and plenty of fun Hangover cure #2: the hangover-gasm Jan 1, - Have sex. again endorphins are a great pain reliever. Plus it's fun. So grab your man and enjoy a few orgasms. Pop a Berocca. alcohol leaches vitamin B, which in turn leads to a more intense hangover. Topping them back up with a supplement will go a long way to easing the pain. Take Cysteine. Hopefully your night was a success and you are waking up next to someone else. When you drink you stuff yourself with toxins. Sex is a wonderful for of cardio exercise and makes you feel good. Alcohol is also a depressant. Sex, more specifically, orgasm, releases all those little endorphins that make you feel good about.

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Antonina. Age: 21. 4500/ 24 hours There is no better solution for a hangover after a heavy night out, drinking loads, than an orgasm! I find that, not only does my body seem to Dealing with the soul-crushing, 2 day orgasm hangover. Orgasms While Hungover. Any of you guys have much more intense orgasms when hungover? I did a quick google search and it seems like lots of other people have way better orgasms when hungover. Brah when I'm physically hungover, it is usually accompanied by a moral hangover. And when that. Jan 1, - FELLING horny on your hangover? Sex cure actually help An orgasm is good for your health and wellbeing, that's a fact! Read our 10 Neuroscientist Nicole Prause has been looking into sex, sex drive, and the health benefits of orgasms at her sexual biotechnology company Liberos. The year-old.


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