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Jul 30, - I lost my virginity to someone I loved, and to this day, I feel very lucky for that. As a gay man, I had always figured my first time wouldn't be special; that the expectation that two men would be down to bang immediately after getting together woul. Everything You Need To Know About Losing Your Virginity - AskMen Judy. Age: 27. Hello, I'm Jade However, I have to say that 'in the moment' none of these are particularly important issues!! As it worked out, more by luck than judgement, it was also with the right person who I stayed with for years afterwards. Jan 19, - Ah, the first time—be it good, bad, or somewhere in between, there's only ever one. You probably know a lot of your besties' first time stories, but ever wonder how the other half fares? We asked guys to share their first-time experiences—and you might be surprised by a few of them. "[I lost my virginity in my]. Abigaile. Age: 24. I do full-service How to Tell if a Man is a Virgin Jul 21, - The eventual day when a guy loses his virginity is a truly unforgettable experience for most, however almost always for all the wrong reasons. Nobody is going to exceed all expectations and become a real-life Joey Tribbiani in the sack during their first time. The reality is always something completely. Feb 6, - I am 15 years old guy. I am still a virgin. I would like to hear about men losing virginity. Is it painful? I know it`s painful for women. Any replies? This topic is answered by a medical expert.

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Evanni. Age: 30. Elegance, style and distinction are the words wich describe me perfectly physically and mentally Dec 14, - We're so used to reading about women's sex lives. Be that their most memorable experience, their favourite position, or their go-to sex toy. Maybe that's because our conversations are catering to the male gaze. Maybe we aren't comfortable with men having sexual desires beyond watching porn. To open. Feb 16, - There is nothing different to a woman. You will lose your virginity if you have sexual intercourse with a another person (women/men) Many people are thinking that their lose the virginity, if they have a orgasm. If that would be right you could lo Why is losing virginity so important for guys? Does sex after losing virginity feel different from masterbating? How does it feel different? (or does it feel just like masterbating?) * Is it possible for a woman who is NOT a virgin, to take a man's virginity by maybe squeezing the penis tight enough with her hand as it enters her? PLEASE, I WOULD REALLY.


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